Workshop Offerings


How to give good face.

Aaliyah jenny shares her secrets to the expressive face during performances. Go beyond the "frozen smile"!

Time: 90-120 minutes

Mirror Mirror - a.k.a. how to get over the "I can t watch myself on video" syndrome.

Aaliyah Jenny will share what she looks for in e her own day practice videos honed from daily improve throughout her breast cancer treatment, surgery & recovery, improve your performance through personal critique methods used by Aaliyah jenny. Learn to identify your strengths & areas needing attention. Become your own best coach! This workshop will be an analysis of your movement, intention & performance.

Please bring a form of video recording device, pen & paper and a willingness to explore your growth as a performer!

Time: 90-120 minutes

Our Authentic Selves: What is YOUR story?

How do we achieve authenticity when we perform? This workshop focuses on the balance between universe themes and our personal stories when we present a theatrical fusion piece. Exercises a projecton, acting, physicality, meditation are just a few methods explored.

Time: 90-120 minutes

How to be a Pro

What does it mean to be a Professional Performer? This workshop presents Aaliyah jenny's personal experiences gleaned over 18 years of performing and extensive training.

Time: 60-120 minutes

Hip Hop Fusion

Come get your old school street creds in Aaliyah Jenny's Hip Hop Fusion Exploration Workshop!

Learn & take home the basics of street stylizations to build to your own personal voice as a performer. It is going to be a funky good time! Pls bring your smooth soled shoes (jazz sneakers, ballet slippers, old worn tennis sneakers) & your adventurous spirit We are going to have a BLAST!

Time: min. 90 minutes includes historical and source context

Limited DVD's available: email

Inside Out: Acting for Dancers with Aaliyah Jenny



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